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I created this website dedicated exclusively to independent Swiss watchmakers so that I can share what I've experienced during the last two decades while serving as founding publisher of Watch Journal.

Through WATCH SPROCKET, my new mission is to share the creativity and innovations of independent watchmakers while respecting the traditions of Swiss watchmaking. 

My 20-year watch adventure began as founding publisher of Watch Journal and it has taken me on an amazing journey. I visited watch factories in many parts of the world. I went, I saw and I learned firsthand what horology was all about from the experts.

I spent time at the bench with watchmakers, I looked over the shoulders of watch designers as they created new product ideas, I walked with CEOs and top marketing executives through all the floors, departments and offices of the factories while they explained the inner workings of their watch businesses. They were my teachers and I was an attentive student. I gained vast knowledge, made great friends and had the time of my life.

For me, there came a reckoning, a dawning, a realization that traditional Swiss watchmaking is without peer in the world of architecture and machinery. Great works of mechanical art are not created in a single day, not even a lifetime.

The art of watchmaking and the skill it requires has been handed down for generations. It may be better to be born into a lineage of watchmakers, than to enter as first generation…it’s the blood, the DNA...but even then it comes down to doing the homework, the building of a solid foundation and practicing until perfected the skills of watchmaking.

I have become empathetic with the challenges independents all share in marketing their timepieces. Sadly, if it were not for the Internet some of these independents might not exist at all.

It is for these reasons that I have created this digital platform, this watch hub, this central location where watch enthusiasts can discover, study and enjoy the inventive ways independents are assembling pinions, springs, sprockets and gears to create new and exciting ways of telling time.          —Glen B Bowen


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